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Who We Are

The Naval Welding Institute, LLC (NWI) was founded to promote skills development in the areas of welding, nondestructive testing (NDT), additive manufacturing (AM), and metallurgy.  Our goal is to provide interested parties with the unique skills required to construct combatant and non-combatant surface/subsurface ships. 


NWI is an aggregate of unique resources, with ship manufacturing experience, aligned to contribute to the development of trades training programs and new engineering courses specific to advanced manufacturing. Our dynamic team of professionals was formed from both the public and private sector, ensuring a well balanced understanding of the governing fabrication requirements, and keen knowledge of the implementation of forming, casting, welding, and inspection during fabrication efforts. We embrace the challenge of preparing future professionals as the tools of industry advance. Our members are passionate about passing on industry knowledge specific to these high demand skills, leading to industry recognized and portable credentials. We firmly believe that it is our social responsibility to enrich current and future professionals with the knowledge, skills, and abilities that we have obtained during our careers in manufacturing.

NWI's professional team is made up of degreed Materials, Welding, and NDT engineers from ABET accredited universities within the United States. All of our NDT members are Level III Examiners, with active certifications  in accordance with the requirements of the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT)  SNT-TC-1A or Military Standard T9074-AS-GIB-010/271 in one or multiple surface and or  volumetric inspection methods .  

NWI collaborates with academia and industry to support the revitalized Naval manufacturing surge that currently exists domestically. We support higher education institutions in the development of advanced training courses that lead to industry recognized credentials. 

Classroom and hands on training experiences are built to comply with requirements specified by ASNT and military fabrication standards. Educational opportunities at our affiliate colleges result in degrees. Upon completion of these programs students will be prepared to pursue careers in the ship manufacturing, alteration, and repair industry.  Obtained skills are ideal for other industrial areas of focus as well. Primarily, graduates will confidently contribute to various shipyards across the nation and their support activities.

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