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Sophomores and Juniors

Gaining work experience before graduation may help inform you as to what you would like to focus on and the type of company you'd like to support. You may want to work in a new state or find that a multi-national organization suites your profession and personal goals. Whatever the case may be, leveraging NWI's connections may aid you in finding an internship that affirms your interest and prepares you for life after graduation.  We are here to help.     


Complete the form below, connect with an NWI representative for an initial consultation, make any needed resume updates, and let NWI use it's network of employers for your benefit.   

Gain Experience That Matters!


Don't feel left out. Our industry partners frequently inform us of the need for Part-Time and Permanent employees. Your first advanced manufacturing position may be within reach.  Let NWI introduce you to manufactures in need of exceptional talent.     

Placement Assistance Form

There are no direct fees for Placement Services for any students attending a college currently partnered with NWI. 


Professional Optimization Services

What's holding you back from the offer you really want?


Maybe your resume isn't reflecting all the experience you gained at your last internship or current full time position. Maybe your professional online platform of choice is sparse, poorly written, or missing the right technical detail? Maybe you need a little help with how you respond during a phone interview.


NWI's Optimization service was built to eliminate those maybe situations and could be what you need. Optimization connects you with an industry professionals that will:

a) review your content (resume, professional platform, other)

b) provide an honest opinion of your "First Impression"

c) provide beneficial suggestions on what to add, remove, expand upon, or reformat 

We listen intently to you, honing in on your collegiate or professional experience,

 in order to accurately reflect your ability, where and when it matters most.

Select "Professional Optimization" as the subject when completing the form above.

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