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Making an Impact in Underprivileged Communities is a NWI Priority...   

The Naval Welding Institute, LLC firmly believes no one should be limited in their professional achievements based on what community they belong to. We recognize that far too often one's community can inadvertently be a barrier to accessing quality training. Additionally, we feel that the training pursued should have opportunities for career advancement beyond entry level positions.      


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NWI identifies and partners with community developers, focused on transforming neighborhoods by providing educational hubs, emphasizing essential skills training that can translate to:

  • industry recognized credentials 

  • jobs providing family supporting wages       

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 By collaborating with Ujima Developers LLC via Community Transformation Partners LLC NWI will offer advanced manufacturing training, welding and nondestructive testing, in the West Philadelphia STEAM2IE maker space. The space will create opportunity for the underprivileged 

and underrepresented  demographics in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).


In addition to creating a skills pipeline to excellent local and regional jobs, our goal is to also provide motivated students with opportunities to engage our collegiate partners and assess higher education options for best fit.       

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Stay Tuned...


NWI and Pennsylvania College of Technology (PCT) will host NDT information sessions in Philadelphia, as early as summer 2021. Interested students (high school seniors, rising seniors) may be invited to a 2 day "Explore NDT" training session - all expenses paid (travel to and from, room, board) at their campus.  

For additional information or interest in adding NWI to your  community improvement initiative...

Please complete the NWI inquiry form found on the

HOME page, CONTACT US page, or click the FORM image to the left.  

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