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Inception to Present

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Kris started his collegiate journey, selecting a university aligned with his educational aspirations and specifically having  an embedded co-op (internship) program.


The Start of Professional Experience...

Over 3 years Kris gained excellent manufacturing experience, supporting the Naval Foundry and Propeller Center, and met astute engineering and trades professionals, solidifying his choice to commit to Metallurgy and the Navy. Upon graduation the idea for NWI was conceived based on an awareness of the decline of domestic manufacturing, and complementary  collegiate courses in foundational manufacturing areas.  There was a clear need to refocus on metallic material manufacturing courses, some not updated for decades, or to introduce new courses to address critical concepts governing emerging technologies.  

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Expanding Technical Ability and Awareness of Likeminded Professionals...

While acquiring proficiency in production areas  (castings, heat treatment, welding, and inspection) Kris met countless professionals who expressed the need to infuse industry knowledge into engineering and trades courses.  Many of these professionals had far more experience and stated a desire to contribute to the needed knowledge transfer for the enrichment of students. What was lacking was an approved mechanism to enact impactful change.   


The structure and mission of NWI was developed. Trusted participants committed to supporting NWI and legal permissions were secured.    


From then to Now...

NWI launched Q1 of 2019 to support collegiate clients and community based improvement projects. NWI places emphasis on support of projects introducing STEM training to those under represented in the profession. 

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To extend or services to additional academic institutions NWI plans to expand beyond the Tri-State area (Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey). Our goal is to partner with 15 colleges nationwide, over the next 5 years, providing an assortment of services from individual courses to the full complement of supporting technical classes for the build out of certificates, A.A.S., B.S., and M.S. degree programs.   

To become a collegiate partner and optimize the infusion of industry relevant advanced manufacturing content contact us for an exploratory consultation. 

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