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NWI metallurgy uses an elite combination of expertise and experience to offer practical courses that meet your institution’s unique needs. Our metallurgists have extensive experience in industry, academia, and the government, allowing them to fully understand the breadth of the trade and underlying desirable skills. From trade certificates to graduate-level teaching and everything in between, NWI will work to propel your students or employees to thrive at any stage of their career.

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Standard Course Topics – Metallurgy Focus


Solidification and Casting Manufacture

Wrought Metals Processing

Fundamentals of Metallic Materials

Ethics in Manufacturing

Application of Specifications

Failure Analysis

Corrosion and its Mitigation


And Many More…


We tailor our courses to fit your needs!


We’ve been using metal for thousands of years, so what else is there to learn?

Reality: Metallic alloys are being improved upon every year. Especially with modern computation tools at our disposal, new alloys and processing are being developed at the fastest pace in history.

Aren’t there already enough metallurgists?

Reality: Metallurgy programs at U.S. colleges and universities have nearly all disappeared in the past 30 years as a result of an explosion of jobs and funding in other materials science fields. However, we still use metals for a huge proportion of our daily-use products, and the defense industry still uses massive amounts of diverse metals for ships, aircraft, land vehicles, and more. Producers of these goods are now facing a shortage in qualified metallurgists and welders required to meet demand.


Think NWI Metallurgy can work for YOU? Contact us today for more information on how we can help transform your curriculum!

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